Day #842 (Tue., Apr. 24, 2012) – “Make Do” Hockey Sticks

2012-04-24 - Make-Do Hockey Set
2012-04-24 - Make-Do Hockey Set

My wife went to work today, which is one of the main reasons we moved to Chapel Hill in the first place. It is nice that she can get out and meet her co-workers and have a bit of camaraderie.

I went to the Dollar Store at noon today to pick up some rubber gloves for my wife. While I was there I looked for something to make a couple of indoor hockey sticks out of. I saw a nice indoor play set of hockey sticks with puck and net for about $30…but we cannot really afford that now with all the expenses on the house and such. I found a couple of plastic shovels and an inflatable beach ball…that will do nice…all for about $3.00 (see photo to the right).

I gave Katie her “special present”…my make-shift hockey sticks and ball when I got home from work this evening. We played with them in the hallway. I was surprised how quickly she picked up the concept of hitting the ball with the shovel…I mean stick. Quite a cheap and good exercise for only $3.00 I must say.

1) I made an indoor hockey set for Katie out of plastic shovels and a beach ball.