Day #69 (Sat., Mar. 13, 2010) – Party Time!

5:15am – My wife and I are up and checking our emails. Little Katie is “chipmunking” in the bassinet.

11:00am – Little Katie was crying uncontrollably and we could not quiet her down. My wife said that maybe she needs to be changed. As soon as I unbuttoned the first button on her onesie, she stopped crying. She sure does not like to be wet. At least these disposable diapers hold the water away. Imagine the screaming if she was wearing cloth diapers.

2010-03-13 - Red Dress
2010-03-13 - Red Dress

My wife and I bundled little Katie up in her red coat and red dress (see photo on the right) took her to a party this afternoon. It was fun to put those little white shoes on her feet. This is the first time she has worn shoes…not sure how she felt about it.

We arrived at the part a little after 4pm. This is the first time that she has ever been to a party, and she behaved (for the most part). People were commenting how adorable she was, and she gazed back with her brown eyes (as one lady pointed out) and just “soaked up” all the adoration.

Little Katie got a little fussy as the evening went on, so we decided that we had better leave a bit early. We left around 7pm, and by the time we got home little Katie was really acting up. Time for her evening meal, then off to bed…

1) Little Katie enjoys getting dressed up.