Day #1012 (Thu., Oct. 11, 2012) – Painting Teddy

2012-10-11 - Domino Tower
2012-10-11 – Domino Tower

My wife had a hard day with Katie today so she didn’t have time to tend to some emergencies at work. I took care of Katie this evening so she could work. Out came the big box of sponge dominoes that we played with on the weekend. I made a huge tower out of them (see photo to the right) and Katie enjoyed knocking them down. The difference this time is that she would wait til I made the tower rather than knock it over half-way through the process. I would have to remind her often not to destroy it…but she did listen.

This is “House Sale Eve”. Tomorrow by this time, if all goes well, we will have sold our house in Cary. At that point we will not have any ties to Cary and can officially call Chapel Hill our home. It will be nice to have the added expense gone as well.

This evening Katie decided that she would paint her teddy bear with her finger paints. What a mess.

For whatever reason Katie seems to think that the master bed is her bed and will sometimes try to kick us out of it.

1) Katie will try to kick us out of the master bed from time-to-time.