Day #1024 (Tue., Oct. 23, 2012) – Pink Paint

When I got up this morning my wife had already left for work and Christina was cleaning up in the kitchen. I showed her how to work the television set…a necessity if you are going to be babysitting Katie. She loves her shows…

Katie took the two blankets off the master bed and brought them to the living room this evening. She wanted to pretend to sleep…something she does quite a bit these days (pretending to sleep…not actually sleeping unfortunately).

My wife told me that a while back Katie was looking for the paint set in her preschool. When the teacher said that it was put away she had a bit of a tantrum. Not a big one…but one none-the-less.

2012-10-23 - Pink Paint
2012-10-23 – Pink Paint

Katie was playing with her paints this evening and all of a sudden she said she wanted some “pink”. My wife said I can do that and mixed some red paint with some white paint. Voila…pink. Katie was very happy to have some pink paint and they spent quite a bit of time painting with it (see photo to the right). This must be why they have white in paint sets…so you can mix it to make other paints.

My wife and I selected the two designs we will be putting on our pumpkins…now if we could only get time (and energy) to actually cut them out.

1) Katie has some pink paint now.