Day #1117 (Thu., Jan. 24, 2013) – Fruit Jellies

Katie got up around 3am and promptly woke the house up. She kept crying for daddy so I got up to take care of her as well. My wife was tired so I took over. We sat on the LazyBoy in the living room watching television for a while, then Katie said “Daddy, I’m tired”. Good idea…I scooped her up and took her to bed. After a quick story she was out like a light.

2013-01-24 - Toy Train Tracks
2013-01-24 – Toy Train Tracks

This evening my “little shadow” (as Katie has become) and I played quite a bit. I got from “Fruit Jellies” when I was at Trader Joe’s on Tuesday evening and she is all over those. She also liked to put together the train tracks from the set that Becca gave her for her birthday (see photo to the right).

Later in the evening I was sitting on my bed working on the computer. She came and sat down beside me and started to read a little tiny catalog of Playmobil Toys. She was especially interested in the zoo one and promptly asked me if we could make it. I told her that I was working on the computer right now but when I was done we could make it. She sat down patiently beside me looking at her tiny catalog for about 15 minutes til I was done. She then said, “Can we make the zoo now”. Katie has an incredible memory and is extremely patient (at times) as well. We don’t have many Playmobil pieces but we were soon making a zoo out of Duplo Blocks.

1) Katie loves those TJ Fruit Jellies.