Day #1118 (Fri., Jan. 25, 2013) – Doorknob Hammock

2013-01-25 - Pacifier On Straw
2013-01-25 – Pacifier On Straw

The weather forecast is for wintery weather to arrive around noon today so it looks like I will be in the office for only a half day. Schools are letting out around 11:30am today so I will let that be my guide.

I decided to leave work around 11:30am today as it started to snow. I don’t want to get stuck in the office in case the storm turns out to be another version of what we had back in January 2005.

Take a look at the photo to the left. The pacifier is situated through the straw. Katie worked quite a bit on that little design.

I went to bed early tonight…I was so tired. My wife put Katie to bed early too but soon she started screaming. My wife went to her bedroom and found her sleeping sack attached to the doorknob and Katie inside it. Apparently she was creating a hammock and got stuck in it. My wife has taken just about everything out of the room so that Katie will sleep and not play and she still finds stuff to play with.

Katie woke me up around 11:14pm. She put her head on my head for starters. She then pried my eyelid open with her finger and asked me if I was waking up. She then asked “Do you remember me?”

1) Katie made a doorknob hammock today.