Day #1126 (Sat., Feb. 2, 2013) – Washing Her Underpants

2013-02-02 - Pony Tail
2013-02-02 – Pony Tail

Katie is getting quite the head of hair. You can see her long ponytail in the photo to the right.

I’m feeling a bit better, but still not 100%. I should be fine for work on Monday…let’s hope.

We did a Skype with my mother this morning. Katie came running up and told her “I peed on the potty”. She is so proud she wants to announce it to the world.

We all took a nap this afternoon. My wife sent me this email:

3:05 pm squeaking is heard from Katie’s room: “help, help!” I went to her and asked what happened. “My bummy hurts”
I asked why. “Because I peed”

Apparently when we put Katie bed, she took all her clothes off (including the diaper), found some shorts in the closet and put them on…

This evening Katie tried to do a #2 in the potty but she just didn’t make it. So, she poured into the toilet what she found in her pants and then pulled the stool up to the water basin so she could wash her panties. She was following mommy’s example.

1) Katie allows you to put her hair in a pony tail now.