Day #1127 (Sun., Feb. 3, 2013) – Superbowl Sunday

2013-02-03 - Paper Monster
2013-02-03 – Paper Monster

I’m still not 100%. Getting better, but still not 100%. As a result, my wife went for groceries at Trader Joe’s this morning while I tended to Katie.

Katie has taken roaming around and getting into things to a new level. She took a stool into the laundry room so she could reach up and get into “more stuff”. I’ve got to get those locks on the drawers and doors and “whatever”. Too bad I’m not feeling the best today.

My wife gave Katie a bath today. She still does not like to get the shampoo in her eyes, but at least she has learned to close them during the process. Seems like just yesterday I would have to shield her eyes while my wife poured water on her head to rinse away the shampoo.

The first half of the Superbowl was “all” Ravens. Early in the second half they took back the opening kickoff and got another touchdown. Then the lights went out. When they came back on the 49ers had new strength and started to come back with two unanswered touchdowns. Why am I stating this? Because at this point the game got to be real interesting and I think Katie could sense it. I was no longer playing blocks with her or even “noticing her” (which is paramount these days). She seemed to step up her efforts to get daddy’s attention, which made watching the most important football game of the season even more difficult.

1) Katie has become daddy’s little shadow as of late.