Day #1128 (Mon., Feb. 4, 2013) – WipeOut

2013-02-04 - Thank You Flower
2013-02-04 – Thank You Flower

At lunchtime today I went to Target to get some #6 diapers at Target. I got a big box as they don’t offer them online any more. With Katie potty training we might not need to get diapers for much longer…at least during the day. Around 4-6 years of age they start not needing to have a diaper during the night.

The teachers at Katie’s school gave my wife a “thank you card” for the lasagna she brought last week. You can see a photo of it to the left.

As I was getting out of the car this evening I saw a squirrel carrying some twigs and such high into a tree. As there are no leaves on the trees during winter I could see a nest way at the top of the tree. I suppose we might be having baby squirrels soon?

Katie saw “WipeOut” yesterday and liked it so much that I had to record it. Like she says, “Daddy, I want to see the man fall into the water”. She is such a physical child this sort of television show seems to appeal to her. Having said that, she is also very sweet and nice. She is always talking about how she loves babies and how cute they are. She doesn’t like to see anyone upset or crying. Quite the combination.

This evening I went to the bedroom and there were no blankets on it. I thought my wife must be cleaning them. As it turns out Katie dragged them into the living room. She was making a “camp fire”.

1) Katie’s latest delight is the show “WipeOut”. She likes to see the man fall into the water.