Day #1162 (Sun., Mar. 10, 2013) – Curbing Daddy’s TV

Both my wife and I are sick today. This makes taking care of an active child like Katie even more challenging…

Katie doesn’t like it when daddy won’t play jungle animals with her. I told her that I would like to but I don’t feel well. She complained at first but then got up and turned off the television and told me that I had to sleep.

2013-03-10 - From The Basement
2013-03-10 – From The Basement

Katie went to the basement this afternoon and came back with the toy you see to the left. It was one of her favorites when she was a baby…wonder if she remembers it from then?

My wife was having a hard time putting Katie to sleep this afternoon so I offered to take over. I told Katie exactly what the process was going to be. She agreed…but you can never tell if she means it. I told her that I would play jungle animals for a while, then we would watch a little television, then I would read her a story, and she would have a nap so that she would be well rested and ready for school tomorrow. She actually went along with it… I put Katie to bed at 3:30pm.

I fell asleep soon after 7pm this evening but Katie was screaming so much she woke me up around 10pm. My wife was tired and exhausted so I took over tending to Katie. She hoped Katie would be in bed soon…right…Katie had other plans. After many renditions of jungle animals, cartoons and stories, she finally went to bed around 12:30am…

1) Katie is even more challenging to deal with when both mommy and daddy are sick.