Day #1163 (Mon., Mar. 11, 2013) – Our Wild-Haired Child

My wife tries to comb Katie’s hair for school but she was having nothing of it. We didn’t want to give her a bath last night in case her cold got worse…so we turned it into a pony tail and off to school she went. Cough syrup and other “ingredients” would have to serve as hair spray for today…

2013-03-11 - Dart Board
2013-03-11 – Dart Board

I went to the Dollar Store at lunch today and picked up a number of toys for Katie. I got her a skip rope (something we have been thinking of getting her for a while), a dart board, a Noah’s Ark puzzle, and a bunny that jiggles via solar light.

Tonight I gave Katie the dart board (see photo to the left) and she enjoyed throwing the darts around, but they really didn’t stick well. The design was fine…but the materials and workmanship left a lot to be desired. Such is the case with a “Dollar Store” product sometimes.

My wife was tired so I took over tending to Katie this evening. While Katie was watching Dora I managed to get some time to clean up the living room…it sure needed it. When my wife could not sleep we traded places…time for daddy to catch some shut eye…

After I went to bed this evening my wife sent me the following email:

Katie was making water from blue Duplos when I gave her a few clear blocks and said that they can be ice. Katie asked: “What’s ice” and then sang a song: “To make the road nice, fill it up with ice!” She seems to be making up more and more songs…

1) Katie is starting to make her own song lyrics.