Day #1184 (Mon., Apr. 1, 2013) – Precocious Child

When I arrived home from work Lucy was at our house with Zack. Of course Katie loved to have Zack around. Zack? Well, he looked eager to go home after a bit…

Lucy made a comment this evening, that Katie was a precocious child. Precocious, according to the dictionary means:

1) (of a child) Having developed certain abilities or proclivities at an earlier age than usual.
2) (of behavior or ability) Indicative of such development: “a precocious talent for computing”.

2013-04-01 - Jungle Etch-A-Sketch
2013-04-01 – Jungle Etch-A-Sketch

Katie was all over me this evening. She didn’t have a nap so she was more aggressive than normal. We ended up tickling and wrestling on the bed and just when I thought she was tired out she would come back for more. I did make her a jungle drawing on her “Etch A Sketch” device (see photo to the right).

It was tough putting Katie to bed this evening so we decided that we would go for a drive. When we got home she wanted to play hide and seek. I pretended that I could not find her at first and interestingly enough, she “pretended” to be finding me when it was her turn (she could clearly see me). I didn’t realize that she was catching on to what I was doing. Smart child…

1) Katie is a very precocious child.