Day #1185 (Tue., Apr. 2, 2013) – Crunching On Lollipops

2013-04-02 - Jungle Animals Outside
2013-04-02 – Jungle Animals Outside

Katie is still into lollipops these days…but she has taken up crunching them instead of licking them. This means that they don’t last as long and she will consume more sugar as a result. I’m wondering if there are lollipops out there that are as hard as jawbreakers…so hard you can’t crunch them. They would last longer.

When I need a break or rest from Katie’s antics I will put on Steven Speilberg’s Animaniacs. We get it via AT&T…so we will have it for a few more days. There is non-stop action so Katie will totally lose herself in it. Some cartoons are more absorbing for her than others. Animaniacs is one that she totally loses herself in. It can be more aggressive than other cartoons she watches so we don’t let her watch it for long. Like I said, just when we need a break…

I played with Katie this evening. My wife is glad that I’m not sick anymore so that I can help take care of Katie. We ended up making cages for her giraffes in the kitchen. I hid the giraffes on the shelf and told her that they got loose and were hiding on her. She went on a hunt but eventually found them.

1) Katie has learned to crunch on lollipops.