Day #1290 (Tue., July 16, 2013) – Something More Beautiful

We got a note in the mail yesterday that the last box from Canada had arrived so I picked it up at the post office on the way home from work. Of course Katie was all excited to see it and open it. She bugged me and bugged me but managed to wait til after dinner. What was inside? Papers and tapes for the most part, but a few things Katie could play with…some wooden animals from the Philippines, a small Eifel Tower, comics of “The Phantom”.

Later in the evening we decided that we would go to Maple Dairy Farm and get a banana split. I was watching television as my wife and Katie were getting ready and all of a sudden Katie appears and starts to turn off the television. She states “I have something more beautiful for you to watch” and proceeds to do her ballerina moves in front of me in her dress. What a ham… 🙂

2013-07-16 - Velvet CastleTrue to form we got our banana split, Katie saw a dog, ran off, and hardly ate any ice cream. We put some of it in a cup for our drive home but a boy stepped on it. As we were driving home Katie said she wanted some ice cream and started to whine. I told her that if she doesn’t stop whining mommy and I will have to rethink the idea of taking her out and giving her gifts. She stopped right away. So, when we got home, I decided that this was a good time to reinforce the “no whining” behavior. I gave her a present…a felt castle kit (see photo to the right).

1) Katie stopped whining when I asked her to this evening.