Day #1289 (Mon., July 15, 2013) – Mountain Men

2013-07-15 - Sucker On BagWhen I got to work this morning I notice that Katie had left a little present on my bag (see photo to the left)>

When I got home from work this evening Katie ran by me without even saying hi. My wife told me that she was in a rush to feed her horse (my wife’s car). When she did come into the house the fun began. She started off by saying she wanted to go see Gabby. When that didn’t work her attention turned to seeing Zach (who is in Michigan). Eventually she worked her way to wanting a present…

I told Katie that I didn’t have a present. I don’t want her to expect a present every time I come home…and especially every time we go into a store. She complained and whined but eventually she calmed down. Soon enough she was at my LazyBoy saying that she wanted to come up and watch “Mountain Men” (a television show) with me. So there we sat, eating carrots and hummus, with me explaining the various aspects of the show to her.

My wife got a paint-by-number set in the mail today. I told her how releaxing it was for me all those years ago and she is really excited to get started. The only caution is that it will have to be kept high out of the prying hands of our daughter. At least it is acrylic as opposed to oil…that means it will dry faster.

1) Katie left a sucker on my attache case this morning.