Day #1403 (Wed., Nov. 6, 2013) – Speed Puzzle

When my wife dropped Katie off at school this morning she was a real happy little girl. In fact she was skipping all the way through the halls. Soon she met up with a classmate, Molly, and they continued to skip along.

As soon as Katie got home from school things changed. After a bit of lunch Katie got into one of her “fussy moods”. Stephanie took her to her bedroom and they read books. Stephanie read and read to her and eventually Katie just dozed off. My wife provided Stephanie with a tip…when she is really tired she will change activities every few minutes…she has done this since she was a child.

2013-11-06 - Future Bio-StatisticianKatie is into books…even bio-statistic books (as you can see in the photo to the right).

Katie and I had a game of Hide & Seek this evening. I counted to 10 and then went looking for her. As soon as I entered the living room she yelled out “Here I am” and came out from behind the couch. I don’t think she has figured out the concept of the game yet…

This evening Katie and I invented a new game. I set the timer for 3 minutes and we would try to put a floor puzzle together within that time limit. We almost (well I almost) succeeded. The timer went off with only two pieces left to put into place. I think Katie liked all the excitement and urgency more than the actual game.

1) Katie cannot contain herself during a game of hide & seek.