Day #1402 (Tue., Nov. 5, 2013) – Nikki’s First Day

Nikki, Katie’s new babysitter, started with us today. Katie was so excited. As I was leaving for work she was at the door with a pile of books waiting for her. They didn’t end up going to the pool as Katie wanted, but they did go over to Nikki’s house to see her dog and cat…something that Katie loved.

I found another show for Katie to watch on NetFlix. It’s called “Edgar & Ellen”. Here’s the description: “Twins Edgar and Ellen live alone in their eerie mansion and get up to tall kinds of mischief, pulling pranks on each other and their neighbors”. Right up Katie’s alley…especially the “eerie mansion” bit…

2013-11-05 - A Mess In The BathroomThis evening Katie decided that she would play? experiment? clean? the master bathroom. You can see the results in the photo to the left. What a mess…

Later this evening Katie was into “playing library”. Here is the dialog:

Katie: Librarian, can I have this green book, please?
My Wife: I cannot give a book to a customer without pants
Katie: OK, I will put my pants on.

1) Katie has a new babysitter…Nikki.