Day #1429 (Mon., Dec. 2, 2013) – Picking Up Katie

We are replacing our AT&T Internet Service with Time-Warner so my wife set up an appointment for the technician to arrive while Katie was at school. True to form, they were late, and when my wife could not locate Stephanie I had to take time off from work and go pick up Katie when she got off from school.

This is the first time I had done this so my wife had to walk me through the process. Turtles are let out first and after them the Fish assemble at the doorway. I saw Katie coming down the hallway, backpack and water bottle in tow, and when she saw me she came and gave me a hug. A big surprise to see daddy picking her up from school as my wife usually does this.

2013-12-02 - Katie's CraftsThe photo to the right shows some of her crafts from school today.

Just after dinner this evening Katie stared to read a book “Why Am I So Beat?”. Mommy and daddy often use this phrase so I guess Katie has picked up on it.

My wife is still not feeling her best so she went to bed while I tended to Katie. I put “Friendly Giant” on the TV via YouTube. It was a children’s show I used to watch up in Canada. Katie munched on some Moe’s chips as she watched away. We built a zoo train and Katie doctored her toy animals with occasional interruptions to chase the kittens.

Katie has been taking her medicine like a big girl these days. She did spit it out this morning but this evening she took the syringe of white liquid for daddy like a big girl. Of course you have to have juice at the ready as she hates the taste.

When I could handle it no longer my wife took over from me at about 10:30pm. My wife then sent me the following series of emails:

12:03 am: Mommy, is it ok if I have an animal to sleep with? I am uncomfortable to sleep without an animal
2 apples, 1000 shots to animals, etc later – 12:50 AM, i think Katie is out

1) I picked up Katie from school for the first time today.