Day #1430 (Tue., Dec. 3, 2013) – The Long And Whining Katie

2013-12-03 - Cat Carrier

My wife went to the pet store and picked up a pet carrier for the kittens (see photo to the right). We need this as she will be taking them to the vet on Thursday.

When I came home from work this evening Katie was telling me that she wanted circles with meat. This is her reference to macaroni & cheese with little pieces of hamburger.

For some reason Katie started to whine and cry around 6:45pm and this lasted til just before 7:30pm. We decided to leave her in the hallway and let it get it out of her system rather than go pick her up and ask her what is wrong…like we usually do. She needs to know that whining and complaining will not get her what she wants. My wife thinks that she is suffering the same syndrome that a child goes through when another baby comes into the house (in this case two kittens). They want to be babied again and know that you care.

Once Katie calmed down she apologized and was soon bringing a package of zoo animals and putting them on my stomach as I laid on the LazyBoy. She would call it a “letter”…I guess a post office letter full of animals.

Here is Katie’s wisdom for this evening: “He loved the family underpants and they would be the best thing ever. The end.”

1) Katie whined and cried for about 45 minutes this evening.