Day #1428 (Sun., Dec. 1, 2013) – Two Train Sets

2013-12-01 - Exploring KittensAs you can see in the photo to the right the kittens are into exploring these days.

We are having a hard time to get Katie to stop pulling the cats tail. When we told Katie that we would have to return them she agreed…she wants to have a dog instead. We do agree that a dog would probably be a better fit for her due to her active nature…but neither my wife nor I are interested in investing all the time and energy that it will take to raise a dog. Maybe when Katie is older. Perhaps the kittens will grow on her in time.

Emily, Katie’s former babysitter, came to see us this afternoon. While she was talking to my wife and playing with Katie I ducked out to the Home Depot. I had to measure the mirror doors we are thinking of getting for our closets. While on the way to Home Depot I called up FiveBelow and found out that the electric toy trains they were selling came in so I stopped off and picked up a couple. Why two you ask? Well there is double the track and if one of the cars happens to break there will be a backup.

Katie showed my wife and I some of the ballerina moves that Nikki has been teaching her. It looks like she is getting more and more into dancing as she grows older.

1) Katie wants a dog.