Day #1466 (Wed., Jan. 8, 2014) – Map Of The World

The handymen came and put a new aerial on our roof so we now have great reception with both the television in the living room and the television in the master bedroom.

We ordered another TiVo unit this evening. My wife has been complaining that there is not enough disk space to record all the HD television shows and this one has more than enough storage space for all of Katie’s shows and then some.

2014-01-08 - Map Of The WorldThis evening I unveiled the huge map of the world that I drew and painted on the cardboard box that our HD television came in. Now Katie can put the various animals on the world in their natural habitat. We played at this quite a bit this evening. When I showed her the panda she said “Where is China?” She knew exactly where it belonged.

Katie got into the flour in our pantry this evening and not only did she make a huge mess in the entrance way to the house she trampled the flour through the rest of the house as she tried out mommy and daddy’s shoes.

1) Katie got into the flour this evening.