Day #1467 (Thu., Jan. 9, 2014) – Katie The Border Collie

2014-01-09 - Saint CatMy wife sent me a picture today when I was at work. Robin is getting a hair treatment from Katie (see photo to the right). That Robin has the patience of a saint. Batman will not put up any of it from Katie. She seems to accept her role as Katie’s “play thing”. Batman is not so accepting.

My wife made a comment the other day and it seems to be true. Katie is like a border collie. If you don’t keep her engaged she will “sometimes” run off by herself and get into trouble. She can be a real good girl and can run off by herself for what seems like an eternity and read books. Other times she can sit and play “Jungle Animals” at length. Then there are those other times… One of those times was tonight when she ran off by herself and got into the flour in the entrance way. Oh did I mention that she took a green pillow so that she could sit on it in the flour? When the house goes quiet…be afraid…be very afraid…

1) Katie gave Robin a “Hair Treatment” today.