Day #1474 (Thu., Jan. 16, 2014) – Johnny Bravo

2014-01-16 - MileyNicky took Katie over to see Miley, her dog, today (see photo to the right). We may need to get a dog at some point. She really misses Zach and Ginger and Mollie when she is not with them and longs to go see them again. I guess they are more loving and “durable” than cats…at least in Katie’s eyes.

Katie’s new find is “Johnny Bravo”. This cartoon deals with this macho guy who has a voice like Elvis and is self-absorbed. It’s action packed as well…probably why she likes it.

Nicki gave Katie a dog stuffed toy to play with. It has to go back to Katie at some point so hopefully she will take care of it.

I finished off the bottom of a bag of chips this evening and as soon as Katie saw the empty bag she wanted some. As she was tired and fussy nothing else would do…not pretzels or candy or anything. Eventually my wife calmed her down by playing a game of “Let me stick your toes in your mouth”.

1) Katie loves to go over to Nicky’s to see Miley the dog.