Day #1475 (Fri., Jan. 17, 2014) – Lego White Rats

2014-01-17 - White RatsMy wife got a bag of Lego white rats (see photo to the right) in the mail today for Katie to play with. Not sure why Lego would sell such a thing but Katie loves them. In fact, once she opened the bag she asked if there were any more. Perhaps they are to go along with some “Pied Piper” Lego theme?

My wife went to bed early this evening so I tended to Katie. She didn’t eat any of the KFC chicken I picked up on the way home but she did want me to make her pancakes with syrup. She ate quite a few and washed them down with some milk. Unfortunately she didn’t eat them all and a kitten managed to grab ahold of one before I took the plate out to the kitchen.

1) Katie got a bag of Lego white rats today.