Day #1473 (Wed., Jan. 15, 2014) – Rattling The Cage

2014-01-15 - Stuffed CatTake a look at the stuffed cat in the photo to the right. Every time I see it I think it is one of our kittens as the colors match so closely.

My wife went to bed soon after dinner this evening so I tended to Katie. We got a new sticker book in the mail so we enjoyed doing that together as we shared a bowl of popcorn.

Later in the evening I was watching a PBS Special on the year 1964 when I heard a rattling in the distance. I called for Katie and she came to me and I asked her what was going on. She said that she wanted to put her pet cat in the pet carrier that we use to take our kittens to the doctor. Not knowing if that was a good idea or not I asked her to talk to mommy about it when she got up. Katie seemed satisfied with the response…for now.

My wife woke up around 9pm and took over tending to Katie. Just before I went to bed Katie came to me wearing the headset I use when I am on my computer sometimes. My wife told me that she was trying to put them on the kittens. I explained to Katie that they were very delicate and she should put them back. She did…without a fuss. Somewhere in the exchange I agreed to get her her own set of “earmuffs” as she calls them. I’m sure I have a cheap headset downstairs somewhere that she can use.

1) Katie and I shared a bowl of popcorn this evening.