Day #1495 (Thu., Feb. 6, 2014) – Making A Den

2014-02-06 - Superman PuzzleWe have a Groupon Coupon for a trip to see Lemurs in Durham that we need to use up. My wife set up an appointment for Sunday morning.

I gave Katie another Superman Puzzle this evening (see photo to the right). She marshaled me into putting it together for her. One piece is missing…how fast was that? Katie was using a piece of the puzzle to comb the cat’s hair a bit earlier in the evening…I wonder if that’s the missing piece?

My wife and I decided that tomorrow will be the last day for Katie’s suche. We are going to pack them all up and say “bye” and take Katie shopping for a present. She told us that she wanted a “Jungle Animal Gift”.

I was updating this blog on the bed this evening when Katie decided that she would bring every pillow and blanket that she could find into the bedroom. She told me that she is making a den because she is scared. Not sure what that’s all about.

1) Katie combed the cat’s hair with a piece of a puzzle this evening.