Day #120 (Mon., May 3, 2010) – Electronic Tiger

I took my electronic photo album to work today. I had just enough electrical cord for it to have a nice position on my desk. My boss commented on how cute little Katie looked.

2010-05-03 - Hats
2010-05-03 - Hats

My wife got another package in the mail from her mom. There were all kinds of nice clothes for little Katie to try out. One thing that we really needed was hats for little Katie (see the photo to the right), and her mom sent us a nice assortment. That should keep us going for a while.

Another gift in the package from my mother-in-law was an electronic tiger. It dances and sings and makes a lot of commotion. Little Katie will love it as she grows older.

Little Katie is starting to smile and scream more when she sees me. I think she is recognizing her daddy and wants to play…


1) Little Katie got another care package from her grandma today.