Day #1737 (Mon., Oct. 6, 2014) – Halloween Decorations

2014-10-06 - Halloween DecorationsThe house Halloween decorations are up now (see photo to the right).

My wife told me that Katie was going on and on about the Spirit Halloween store to Nicky so we know she really liked it. Try and get that much information out of her about her day at school!

When I got home this evening Katie was watching a Curious George episode about “No Noggin” (a person who has no head). Obviously a Halloween special. My wife said that she watched it this morning and as soon as it was over this evening she told me that she wanted to see it again.

I guess that Eleri made it to school today (She was sick on Friday). When my wife told Vanessa that she was tired Vanessa replied “I know what you mean”. She really doesn’t…she doesn’t realize that my wife is pregnant.

1) Katie loved the trip to the Spirit Halloween Store yesterday.