Day #1738 (Tue., Oct. 7, 2014) – Ghost To “Show And Share”

2014-10-07 - Ghost WritingI took Katie to school this morning. She is really into “Show and Share” these days. It’s a great way for her to get more involved in school so we pretty much let her take whatever she wants. This morning she wanted to take one of the decorations that we had hanging from the tree…a little plastic ghost. (see photo to the right) No problem. My wife told me later in the day that she saw it inside her backpack.

We are running out of supplies so I stopped off at both Trader Joe’s and WholeFoods this evening. At Trader Joe’s I got Katie some Halloween “Gummy Bears” and a “Make It Yourself” Halloween Gingerbread House. At WholeFoods I picked up the standard goat’s milk and some Hilda’s Potato Salad (my wife had a hankering for it).

Katie is really into the Curious George Special “Halloween Boo Fest” cartoon. She watched it once this morning and then twice this evening.

1) Katie took a little plastic ghost to “Show and Share” this morning.