Day #1880 (Thu., Feb. 26, 2015) – Snow In Boots

We had about 5″ of snow overnight so no work or school for anyone in our house. A lot of the houses in our neighborhood were without power but we were spared that little difficulty.

2015-02-26 - Snow In BootsMy wife had arranged for Violet to come over this morning and babysit Katie but the power went out in her house so it was difficult to communicate with her. Her mother was going to take over babysitting Katie in the afternoon but in the end it was not to be. They emailed us around 1pm stating that they would not be able to make it today.

Katie complained that snow was getting into her boots so I put some plastic bags around a fresh pair of socks and secured the opening between her boots and pants with some duct tape (see photo to the right). There…all set for the worst winter can offer.

Unlike the last snow day today’s snow was perfect for building a snowman. I showed Katie how to roll three huge cubes and put them into place. With a carrot for a nose, two acorn eyes, two twig arms, a twig for a smile and a brown hat he was all set.

1) Katie and I built a 3 Ball Snowman this afternoon.