Day #1881 (Fri., Feb. 27, 2015) – No Power

We have been having power outages these past few weeks, but they have been local to our house. The hose that drains water from the HVAC has been freezing. Today the power crews were fixing some outages in parts of our neighborhood and our house lost power as well. So much for toasty warmness…

2015-02-27 - Hall LightsOur neighbor Izzy has not had power for a few days now. She came over to our house today to take care of Katie and alas we couldn’t offer her power or warmth either. Once the power came back on later in the day she did take Katie back to her place to see Derby (her dog). Unfortunately when they came back to our house Katie woke my wife up and would not let her go back to bed til I dragged her out of the room.

As I was shoveling our driveway this evening our neighbor Jui Lan came over to say hi. She went into the house to see my wife and was soon given a tour of both Katie and little Bobby’s rooms.

The photo to the right shows the hall motion detector lights that my wife installed. Now, as soon as you walk by, they will go on. We no longer have to fumble and reach for hallway lights.


1) Izzy came to babysit Katie in our “No Power” home this afternoon.