Day #1882 (Sat., Feb. 28, 2015) – Visiting The Fire Station

2015-02-28 - Pony Game

We need to get little Bobby’s car seat installed into my car so I thought I would take Katie along with me to the fire station. This will be Daddy/Daughter Day #25.

  • We visited fire station #2 where the firemen were outside washing down their fire engine. One of the firemen installed little Bobby’s seat behind the passenger side seat of my car as he said it was safer. Katie did get a chance to ask a couple of questions like “Do you have a dalmatian”? (answer: no) and “Do you have a fire pole”? (answer: no, but fire station #1 does and only some of the young guys use it as it is hard on the knees). Just as he finished installing it the alarm went off and they drove away in their fire truck.
  • Next up for Katie was to visit McDonalds and get her a chocolate covered cone. She also enjoyed some fries and especially McNuggets. As we were entering the restaurant I saw my ole’ friend Tom the accountant and we chatted for a bit.
  • FiveBelow was next and Katie picked up a princess coloring book and a “My Little Pony” board game (see photo to the right).
  • The last stop for today was to go to WholeFoods and get some goat’s milk and marshmallows for Katie. I also picked up some Hilda’s Potato Salad for my wife and a huge chicken pot pie for dinner.

My wife’s feet are very swollen due to the pregnancy so I rubbed them while I watched an “Aliens On The Moon Show” (for a laugh not news). She fell asleep.

1) Katie and I went to Fire Station #2 to install little Bobby’s car seat in the Camry this afternoon.