Day #1884 (Mon., Mar. 2, 2015) – Green Tile Bathrooms

My wife and I went for another ultrasound at Duke today. This is the last Monday I will be taking off for ultrasounds. Next week the ultrasound and prep will be on Tuesday…the day before little Bobby is born.

As we were getting a stress test done I overheard one of the nurses say “Anywhere on the floor you see a green tile there is a bathroom”. Right on the tile…not near it or beside it. We got quite a kick out of that.

The doctor who talked to us this afternoon was rather chatty. She was very impressed with my wife’s 18 months of breastfeeding. She said that she could probably be a tutor on this.

2015-03-02 - KartOn the drive home we were hoping to go to Guglhupf but it is closed on Mondays. I remembered Stephanie at work mentioning this a few months ago. We ended up going to the Hibachi Grill instead.

Next stop was the “Kid To Kid” shop we saw near Sam’s Club the other day. They had a nice go-kart racer for $100 (see photo to the left). I was thinking little Bobby will probably want something like this one day. My wife got a number of “premie” clothes for Katie to dress up her stuffed animals with.

Nikki is back from Oklahoma. She took care of Katie this afternoon.

1) My wife got Katie a number of premie clothes to dress up her stuffed animals with.