Day #1886 (Wed., Mar. 4, 2015) – Flashlight From Nikki

2015-03-04 - Nikki's LightI took Katie to school this morning so my wife could rest. Last night Nikki gave Katie a little flashlight (see photo to the left). Even though they are not having Show & Share today (they are having Chinese New Year), Katie wanted to take it along to show her friends. She initially put it on the shelf with her cup but as I was leaving the preschool she rushed in front of me to grab it and show it to her teacher and friends.

As I was dropping Katie off this morning she was rather happy and not very clingy at all. As soon as she entered the classroom Eleri was there. Eleri just starred at Katie and then turned around…not saying hi or anything. A teacher came up to Katie to say hi and that warmed Katie up. My wife told me that when teachers see Katie at the door now they come over to say hi. I think they realize that they need to welcome her so that she will not run out and cling to mommy or daddy.

My wife and Katie were walking with Lucy and Zach down the street and Katie darted off to Gabby’s house and knocked on the door. She effectively invited herself to dinner. It’s funny how she can be so bold at times and then be so clingy at times as well.

Katie got no story when she went to bed this evening. My wife said that the reason was because she was not very nice to mommy today.

1) Katie celebrated Chinese New Year at preschool today.