Day #1904 (Sun., Mar. 22, 2015) – “Go Fish” Katie

My wife has been up every evening feeding little Bobby and as a result has been crashing during the day. As such it falls upon me to take care of Katie during the “waking hours”.

2015-03-22 - Go FishKatie got a card game called “Go Fish” at Duncan’s Birthday Party yesterday (see photo to the right). This morning we played a few rounds. She was actually quite good at it and seemed to get the flow pretty quickly. She even beat me 5-2 and I wasn’t even letting her win.

This afternoon Katie and I played “Legos”. I pretended that one of my characters was the “Masked Magician” and that he was going to saw a woman in half. Having some Lego characters with bodies that separate from the legs made this trick easy to demonstrate. When we were done playing Legos we watched a few Masked Magician videos on YouTube. I even found one where the Masked Magician pulls a rabbit out of his hat. Quite an easy trick actually when you know the process. They said that the reason you choose a rabbit as opposed to a cat or another small animal is that they will stay quiet and not move about.

Katie had an accident this afternoon. She was playing with Ginger and Ginger accidentally pushed her. Katie fell down and scraped her knee and legs. My wife gave her ibuprofen and she readily took it due to the pain. She usually hates the taste.

Little Bobby is becoming more and more alert with each and every passing day. His eyes focus better. He loves to sit on daddy’s chest in the LazyBoy and fall asleep. I brought out the lamp that Katie loved so much and showed it to him. He was interested but doesn’t show the interest level that Katie did. Perhaps he will when he gets a bit older.

For dinner this evening I cooked the seafood blend that I got at Trader Joe’s a while back. I added some blend cream that I use for my coffee and some mascarpone cheese…made a great cheese sauce. Rice on the side.

Since Katie has been such a good big sister to little Bobby and due to the accident she had this afternoon I decided that I would treat her to Yopop. As it was late in the day she could have whatever she wanted…just no chocolate.

After Katie went to bed this evening my wife and I were wondering what we would have to eat. Al from next door happened to call and tell us that he made us a lasagna. Perfect timing. He brought it right over and got to see little Bobby for the first time as his reward. The lasagna was delish!