Day #1905 (Mon., Mar. 23, 2015) – Samantha Tends To Katie

Katie was up just after 7am this morning. She wanted to watch “Rescue Bots” on television. I gave her some milk and her pills but she was not interested in eating. I drove her to school and realized that I forgot to bring her backpack. I went home and got it. I handed it to Mary as she was locking up the outside doors.

On the way to school this morning Katie and I were talking about some weird ice cream flavors. There was squirrel ice cream and platypus ice cream. Our favorite was strawberry wildebeast ice cream. I said that it was hard to eat due to the horns in it. Katie added that the horns were made out of chocolate.

2015-03-23 - Dressed MonkeyI went back to preschool to pick Katie up just before noon. On the way home she told me that Eleri came up to her and said that they used to be best friends when they were in “turtle” class but not any longer. Katie told me that Duncan is her best friend now and that she started to be mean to Eleri when Eleri was mean to her. I told her that we should try to get along with everyone…but Eleri does have to learn that if you are mean to people you will lose friends.

As we were driving home we passed Samantha on the road. She will be babysitting Katie this afternoon. I figured I would let her continue her walk rather than have a stranger offer to pick her up.

Katie loves to dress up her plush animals. Her little monkey gets the “onsie” treatment in the photo to the right.