Day #1931 (Sat., Apr. 18, 2015) – Happy Birthday Evelyn

I took Katie to the early Chinese Music Class at 10:45am this morning as we are going to a birthday party this afternoon. The teacher told us that they were having problems getting enough people to fill the second Chinese Immersion Class so if it was today, Katie would be accepted. We’ll see…

2015-04-18 - Happy Birthday EvelynWhen I got home my wife and I bundled up Katie and little Bobby and took a stroll to the neighbors house for the birthday party of their 1 year old Evelyn (see photo to the right). Quite the “do” I must say. They had an inflatable pool with plastic balls (that Katie especially enjoyed), a bouncy house, a bubble machine, plenty of food, and a LOT of guests. We were the only ones from our neighborhood there. All the other guests were family or their friends before they moved in to their new home a year or so ago.

Little Bobby slept in the stroller the whole time. After about two hours we decided that the heat was getting too much and we headed for home. Just as we were getting home little Bobby woke up…we left just in time.

Emily came to take care of Katie this afternoon. I had a nap. When I woke up I was planning on returning Katie’s library books but my wife pleaded for me not to leave her. Both Katie and little Bobby were becoming quite the challenge. Emily dropped the library books off for us. Soon little Bobby was asleep and my wife went to bed for a nap while I tended to Katie.