Day #1932 (Sun., Apr. 19, 2015) – Katie’s Vampire Mouse

Katie was all excited today…Zoey, the black lab down the street, is coming over for a visit. I sure hope that the owner means what she said…there is a little blonde girl at our house if Zoey doesn’t show up.

2015-04-19 - Katie's Vampire MouseKatie drew a picture of a “Vampire Mouse” today (see photo to the right). It even has wiskers! She also trimmed the edges of the paper with scissors.

Glory be! Zoey showed up. Katie sure loves it when Zoey comes to visit. He’s so energetic and powerful he pretty well bowls over everything in sight. At least today the doors were closed so he didn’t get the chance to gobble up all the cat food.

This afternoon Katie went over to Gabby’s for a play date. She was gone about an hour and a half and that gave me the opportunity to go to Lowe’s and get some screws for the drapes in her room. She knocked them down, fixtures and all, a while back. I picked Katie up from Gabby’s on the way home.

Little Bobby really does enjoy it when I sing “Rock A Bye Baby” to him. This evening he was fussing about so I took him in my arms in the LazyBoy and sang it to him. He calmed down right away and even gave me a social smile. We’re finding that he sometimes will scream because he is bored or lonely. It used to be that he screamed only when he was hungry or wanted to be changed.