Day #1954 (Mon., May 11, 2015) – Katie’s Pet Rock

2015-05-10 - Katie Picks Out FlowersThe photo to the left shows the flowers that Katie picked out yesterday. She liked them due to the ladybug paper.

My wife took little Bobby to the pediatrician to get some shots today. We decided to spread them out a bit so that I won’t have to drive him all around Chapel Hill to calm him down so he will be able to sleep. Little Bobby was tired and angry even before getting his shots but the doctor said “Shhh…” and he calmed down. Kind of like “what’s that”?

My wife asked the doctor about thumb sucking and the doctor said he would prefer a pacifier. Thumb sucking can apparently lead to “bad bite”. Apparently the doctor’s two kids had one til they turned 3. Katie had hers til she turned 4.

Here are little Bobby’s particulars today:

  • Height: 22.75 (37th percentile)
  • Weight: 13 lbs 7.4 oz (77th percentile)
  • Head circumference 41.5 cm

This evening I found a YouTube video about the “Pet Rock” … the fad of the early 70’s. We laughed and laughed about the instructions that come with it. Even Katie seemed to get in on the joke. Half way through the video she got up from her chair and ran away. She materialized soon after with a rock that she picked up from our yard. Her Pet Rock. We made a little box and nest for him.