Day #1953 (Sun., May 10, 2015) – Mother’s Day

Katie and I go to WholeFoods and Trader Joe’s while my wife sleeps. We got groceries done and my wife got a 2 hour nap so mission accomplished.

Katie was a great help shopping today. Long gone are the days where she used to rush up to the aisles and say “I want this” and “I want that.

2015-05-10 - Carrying A LizardShe pretended that she was holding her pet lizard in her hands at WholeFoods (see photo to the right). Strangely enough nobody asked her what she was doing. At Trader Joe’s she decided to leave him in the car. I let her decide what flowers she wanted to pick out for mommy for Mother’s Day. We also picked out a lot of nice berries and I told Katie that we would made a great berry cobbler for mom.

For Mother’s Day we had a great meal out on the patio. I cooked steaks in the oven and roasted the corn that Katie wanted in tin foil. Mashed potatoes, oh, and of course the berry cobbler that Katie helped me make.

We are going to try to have dinner at the table every Sunday evening from now on. Out on the patio if the weather is nice. In honor of the occasion we instituted a tradition of having a “question” at each. Today’s question was “What was the best part of my day”. In order:

1) I said getting both shopping done and letting my wife have a nap at the same time. I love when things work out like this.
2) Katie said going shopping with daddy and spending time with him.
3) My wife said the two hour nap in the morning.