Day #1958 (Fri., May 15, 2015) – Katie Goes To Lunch Bunch

2015-05-15 - Katie's DrawingsThe photo to the right shows some of the lovely drawings that Katie brought home from school yesterday.

Along with dropping Katie off at preschool this morning I needed to take her lunch as she will be staying for “Lunch Bunch” today. It’s not much…just an opportunity to stay for lunch with the rest of your classmates and play afterwards. You do need to bring your own lunch. Not much I say, but Katie has been looking forward to it all week. I also dropped off a number of cards that Katie made up for her teachers.

Today is the last day for people to sign up for the Mandarin Chinese Program at Glenwood School. By next Friday we will know if Katie got accepted or not.

When I got home from work this evening Hannah was there. She took Katie to Kidzoo today. I notice that Katie loves to be “touchy feely” with her. She is such a physical “touchy feely” person now. She was the exact opposite when she was a child.

I thought of a new game as I was driving home from work. I call it “Katie Draws”. I whisper an item into Katie’s ear and she draws it and my wife tries to guess it. My wife then whispers an item into her ear and she draws it and I guess. The first try, a chicken, didn’t go to well as Katie’s chicken had four legs. Katie said that she didn’t know how to draw it well and I think it upset her that my wife didn’t get it right away. I did draw a lovely picture of my wife that she guessed right away…

Katie told me that since both Eleri and Duncan were not at lunch bunch she sat with MacKenzie and they chatted.