Day #1959 (Sat., May 16, 2015) – The New Kidzoo

When I woke up this morning Katie was playing a video game. Other than the time she played on her babysitter’s iPad a while back this was the first time she had ever played a video game. We have been steering her clear of computers til now but my wife said her friend Daniella’s daughter used to play video games and is now an A student. It’s about time for Katie to get into the technology that she will be dealing with in the future anyway.

I took Katie to Chinese Music class this morning. No Stephen or Genevieve or Gunther. Sharon didn’t know much about the Chinese class enrollment ending yesterday.

2015-05-16 - Rats Eating SamdiwchWhen the class was over I took Katie to the mall so we could return the shoes that my wife picked up for her on Wednesday. She wanted to go to Kidzoo afterward so we spent an hour or so there. They have recently renovated it and this is the first time I have been in the new facility. We spent a lot of time in the play kitchen area where Katie made me pretend lunch. Of course I had to share it with her rat friends (see photo to the left).

On the way home we stopped off at Alfredo’s for a takeout order of a large pizza. I’m not sure what it is about pasta but I had a nap pretty soon after I got home…

Little Bobby really recognizes “mommy”. He was crying and crying and stopped as soon as he saw her. I guess he figured that dinner is served.