Day #1988 (Sun., June 14, 2015) – Katie’s New Bike

This morning Katie and I played “Cash Flow” for the first time. We were out on the patio and had to interrupt the game as Genevieve arrived to swim in our pool with Gunther. I took this opportunity to drive out to Lowe’s and get some epoxy to secure our new cat door to the wall.

When I got home my wife mentioned the “incident”. I guess my wife tried to give Genevieve our old toy trike and Katie had a tantrum. She doesn’t use it but it was still one of her “things” that was going to someone else. We decided that we would get Katie a bike that would fit her so that she could start to learn how to ride.

2015-06-14 - New BikeSusan told my wife about “Play It Again Sports” near Verizon in Durham so we all drove over to check out the bike situation. Before going to “Play It Again Sports” we went to a dedicated bike shop and learned that Katie needs a bike with a 20″ tire. “Play It Again Sports” had a used bike (see photo to the left) for $29. Along with a helmet and some training wheels the total was around $43. A small price to pay considering how much new ones cost.

On the way home all Katie wanted to talk about was getting a new “Lego Set”. We had to teach her the importance of being thankful for what she has…she had a bike in our trunk at the time as we were driving it home.