Day #1989 (Mon., June 15, 2015) – Blackhawks Win The Cup

Just before we went to bed last night we rearranged the furniture in the living room to hopefully be more “user-friendly” when guests come. The two LazyBoys are now on opposite sides of the couch.

Today was the first day of Katie’s art camp. During half the time they will do art and the other half they will dance. Katie loved it. Hannah told us that as soon as she arrived she saw some kids and ran over to them without even saying good-bye or looking back. We are planning on enrolling her again next week as she loved it so much.

For dinner tonight we had grilled hamburger, onions, mushrooms and broccoli.

It’s been too hot to stroll around the neighborhood this week…close to 100 degrees. We’re thinking of driving down to University Mall and walking indoors. Kidzoo is closed in the evening and it will be a way to at least get our walks in.

2015-06-15 - Watching The GameKatie loves to swing between the LazyBoy and the couch. It was hard to put her to bed this evening…

Little Bobby and I (mostly I) watched the Chicago Black Hawks win the Stanley Cup this evening (see photo to the right). So sad that the Boston Bruins, Bobby Orr’s old team (who little Bobby is named after), didn’t even make the playoffs.