Day #2006 (Thu., July 2, 2015) – Sam Takes Katie To The Pool

2015-07-02 - Gym Camp ArtI dropped Katie of at Chapel Hill Gymnastics this morning and then headed to work. Before the class begins they sometimes do drawings and colorings. You can see one of Katie’s creations in the photo to the left.

Katie was so excited about her swimming class yesterday that Sam took her to the pool again today. I guess it is not common for her to spend a couple of hours at a time in the pool. Nikki said that once Katie learns how to swim we will never see her. It’s nice to see her take to a physical activity like this. She’s really not into gymnastics much and definitely not into soccer.

Little Bobby is really into the Jumperoo these days. He also has a little plastic bug that he grabs and puts in his mouth…probably due to teething.

We enrolled Katie into Art Camp for the full day next week. This really seems to be her element. I’m glad she is going to gymnastics camp but it seems to take a lot out of her. She has been very fussy and tired all week.

There is still the question whether Nikki will be coming back to North Carolina now that both her parents are sick in Oklahoma. We’ll keep her position open as long as we can in hopes that she will.