Day #2024 (Mon., July 20, 2015) – Midnight The Cat

Kasey was a bit late arriving at our house this morning so I drove Katie to Miss Laura’s place. We had an interesting conversation on the drive over. Katie wanted to know what that grassy area with statues (i.e.: cemetery) was all about. This lead to the conversation about people dying and Katie expressed an interest in bones. Eventually Katie asked me if we could go and dig one of the people up one day. I told her that they did not want to be disturbed…she could always see bones once she became a medical doctor.

2015-07-20 - Lizard ColoringAs we were walking up to Miss Laura’s house Katie saw “Midnight”, Miss Laura’s cat…so she was in her glory.

Kasey cleaned up Katie’s room today and we had a hard time finding the “Color By Number” Coloring Book as a result. In the end Katie wanted to do stickers rather than coloring anyway. She did color in a lizard though (see photo to the left).

Little Bobby will try to mimic me these days. If I made noises or chirps or hum or “whatever”, I can see him trying to “outdo me”. It’s quite entertaining to watch actually.

I seem to have thrown my left arm out. Not sure if I picked up little Bobby wrong or perhaps I’m sleeping on it and am so tired I don’t move. At any rate, I might need to go and have it looked at.