Day #2023 (Sun., July 19, 2015) – “Color By Number” Coloring Book

This morning I gave Katie her first bowl of the “Fruit Loops” that I picked up yesterday. She munched on them while she watched the “Julius Jr.” cartoon, but she didn’t finish the whole bowl.

2015-07-19 - Color By NumbersMy wife had a nap around noon so I tended to both kids. It tends to be a handful on any day but for some reason Katie was really wired today. We’re not exactly sure what the issue is…but it’s going to be a real challenge for her to sit still and concentrate for a full-day of school come this fall.

We has Trader Joe’s lasagna and salad for the Sunday dinner tonight. We had to wait for a bit as Katie got into the insect repellent on the patio and we had to wait for the smell to dissipate. Little Bobby stared at me the whole dinner.

Another two pages in the “Color By Number” coloring book this evening (see photo to the right). I wonder if we will be able to finish the whole book before she loses interest?