Day #2022 (Sat., July 18, 2015) – Fruit Loops

One year ago today I went to WholeFoods to get ginger and came back with all sorts of “ginger” stuff. Who would have thought that one year later we would be bouncing little Bobby on our knees!

2015-07-18 - Fruit LoopsSince last night Katie has been after me to go and get some Trader Joe’s version of “Fruit Loops” for her (see photo to the right). She used them on one of the craft pictures at Miss Laura’s house and apparently got to taste one or two (or many) of them in the process. I promised her that I would go and get some for her today…but the timing needed to be right as we had to tend to little Bobby, etc.

My wife took a nap around 11:30am and I tended to Katie and little Bobby. Katie was very good actually. I told her not to wake little Bobby and she played and colored and watched the television for the most part. When my wife got up a thunderstorm was appearing on the horizon so I waited a bit before venturing out to Trader Joe’s. I rested a bit on the bed and three hours later I awoke…I didn’t realize that I was that tired…

Around 5pm I finally ventured out for the day. We were low on goat’s milk so I stopped off at WholeFoods as well. At Trader Joe’s I got some of the “Fruit Loops” that Katie wanted so much. When I got home Katie needed to have something more “substantial” and by the time it came around to “Fruit Loops” it was time to go to bed.

I did manage to adjust the camera in little Bobby’s room this evening. Now you can see the whole crib area without being obstructed by the sides of the crib. I also put the stray wheel back on the crib so you can wheel it about now.