Day #2021 (Fri., July 17, 2015) – Play Date With Violet

Today was a pretty busy day in regards to Katie and all her various camps. Kids need their own social secretary these days… Here’s the itinerary:

2015-07-17 - Art Mobile9 am – Drop Katie off at Miss Laura’s house for camp.
12 noon – Go to Katie’s presentation at Miss Laura’s house.
12:15 pm – Take Katie to Carborro Art Camp (Make sure she eats her lunch).
3:30 pm – Go to Katie’s presentation at the Carborro Art Camp.

Of course my wife took little Bobby went to all of Katie’s shows. He was good for the most part but did start to cry a bit at Miss Laura’s house. You can see the mobile that they did at the Carborro Art Camp in the photo to the right.

Katie finally got her play date with Violet this afternoon. She was at our house when I arrived home from work.

They used fruit loops in one of the art projects at Miss Laura’s house today. She must have got to sample one or two as she was asking me to get some for her. They have a more healthy version of them at Trader Joe’s…I’ll get them for her the next time I’m there. My wife and I had to put our foot down that we weren’t going out to night to get them. As you will recall I got her marshmallows the other day when she wanted them that instant. That’s fine for a “one off” thing but you don’t want to make a habit of it.