Day #2025 (Tue., July 21, 2015) – Daddy’s Sore Arm

Both my wife and I were out the door to work this morning. I dropped Katie off at Miss Laura’s house as Kasey got stuck in traffic. Kasey will be taking her from Miss Laura’s house to the Carborro Art Camp.

I went to see the chiropractor this morning about my arm. She says that it looks like I strained a muscle…perhaps lifting little Bobby or perhaps sleeping on my arm at night and too tired to roll over. She gave me quite the workout…my arm was a lot sorer afterwards but she said that this might be the only visit I need. Just make another appointment in a day or so if I need it.

Little Bobby loves to mimic daddy. It’s kind of interesting to see it at such a young age, but I will make certain sounds and you can see him trying to formulate them as well.

2015-07-21 - Katie's HomeworkLittle Bobby really went to town in the Jumperoo this evening. This is the first time we’ve ever seen him go with such “gusto”. He is also extending his arms more so he can reach all the various toys on the Jumperoo edge now.

As I was putting Katie to bed this evening she brought out a homework book and dutifully told me that mom said it was about time she learned to do homework…and off she went (see photo to the left).

Katie got another night light today. This one will turn on when someone makes a loud noise or claps. Perfect for her in the middle of the night.